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At vedaHEALTH, we not only ask how, but we ask why. Our focus is not simply on preventative care, or disease interventions, but on the collective wellness of the individual within the context of culture. We incorporate both conventional medicine and Ayurveda into our healthcare, education and coaching to create a plan of care for each individual. The integration of  conventional medicine and Ayurveda, which is based on 5000 years of careful observation and analysis, and is rooted in nutrition and the health of the digestive system, provides a framework for sustainable wellness. Nutrition, balance, and self-love are the pillars of sustainable wellness. Dr. Geary has been a practicing pediatrician since 1990, with private practices in New York City, New Mexico, Miami, and Palm Beach. Dr. Geary would be honored to participate in the care of your family.


Wellness & Telehealth appointments. During the covid-19 epidemic it was important to us that our patients and community have access to the healthcare they need. Both for pediatrics appointments and for Ayurvedic and wellness consultations. During this time it is important that we all focus on our health, sustaining wellness in our everyday lives. At vedaHEALTH, we offer healthcare solutions that allow the patient to benefit from a vast body of both conventional and Ayurvedic theory and experience. Personal, responsive. An expansive form of healthcare, inclusive not exclusive.  

About Natalie Geary, MD

Founder of vedaHEALTH and vedaPURE

Dr. Natalie Geary is the founder, owner, and medical director of vedaHEALTH.


She received her bachelor’s degree in Medical Anthropology at Harvard University, and began her formal study of Ayurvedic Medicine. Dr. Geary attended Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and then completed her residency at NYU/Bellevue Hospital Center. She founded a non-profit, Mobile Pediatrics, to provide medical care to school children across northern New Mexico, and subsequently opened her own private practice in her hometown of NYC. Dr. Geary has also done global consulting work in Haiti, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malawi. 


In 2009, Dr. Geary accepted a position as Director of Executive Medicine at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and went on to become the hospital’s Director of International Health and the Chief Patient Experience Officer. After more than five years of senior hospital management, she chose to return to primary care and established vedaHEALTH: "Wellness as a focus of healing is still relatively new in this culture, this country. In the '60s, when a definitive connection between lung cancer and smoking emerged, there was a shift from, "I am fine I will go to the doctor if I get sick" to "I am fine and if I want to keep being fine, I better start looking out for myself".  But that shift in focus onto prevention was still not a shift to active wellness. Wellness is an active state of being, motivated by a commitment to betterment not driven by fear. And now, as we continue to evolve in our understanding, the next step is embracing the whole of wellness - the mind and the body and the spirit - the individual within the context of community and culture".

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Dr. Geary is also an author and speaker. Her book, “The Food Cure for Kids: A Nutritional Approach to your Child’s Wellness,” is a guide for parents outlining the differences between food allergy and food intolerance. Her book with Dr. Agatston, “The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution,” provides advice on decreasing gluten intake to combat digestive concerns and support weight loss.

Dr. Geary's Training

John Hopkins School of Medicine

Harvard University

New York University Department of Pediatrics

California College of Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic Institute

Kerala Academy of Ayurveda​​




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