“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

— Audre Lorde in A Burst of Light and Other Essays

This is a place to think of as a library for vedaHEALTH. Shared Wisdom is about uplifting other voices, our teachers, global thinkers, healers we are inspired by, and documents/texts from the source (etc). Included are resources from the  Ayurvedic Tradition: Texts, oral histories and traditions, Indian philosophical discourse. There are also modern discourses from the global community of thinkers, philosophers, activists, and spiritual guides. Included are shared experiences of health practitioners and healers of all disciplines. The intent is to simply share knowledge to cultivate community (both global and local).

These blog posts are an integral part of my practice, and a fundamental way I can share what seems relevant, current and noteworthy. I am committed to adapting my practice to make it more accessible, and to maintain the vedaHEALTH articles infused with guidance and relevant resources to ensure access and to keep open conversations with the community.


The role of social media in our culture and its impact on our children is also an area I am deeply invested in addressing, on an individual, group, public and national level. I am not a fan. However,  I want to encourage engagement and develop a safe place for voices to come together. I also want to engage with those of you interested, on the role of social media in the concerning mental health of our youth. My hope is that this huge cultural shift will be recognized for what it is, and that children’s needs will be addressed and protected accordingly.

— Natalie Geary