Natalie W. Geary, MD

An integrative medicine doctor, a mom, and a public health advocate, I work with individuals and families navigating life’s challenges. Formally trained in both conventional healthcare and Ayurveda, I am a graduate of Harvard University and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and have been in practice for over 25 years.

My focus is on raising adolescents in a changing society, one that has presented them and their families with an unprecedented storm of financial, public health and technological upheavals, at a time when the developing brain is at a vulnerable stage of maturation.

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Parenting Teens

Adolescence is a time when young people must establish and nurture intimate relationships in order to develop their sense of identity, independence, self-confidence, self-control, and social skills. I provide the support and empathetic guidance to parents in the ongoing and ever-changing challenges of adolescence.

T.L.C. Teen Life Corps

Beginning in January 2023, small after-school groups of teens ages 11-17 can apply to join a pilot group of adolescents looking for solutions to the challenges they face. The hope is that healing, change and coping strategies for the future will come from the source: the adolescents themselves.

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Divorce Coaching

Navigating divorce: as a parent, as a child, and as a family. Coaching from a pediatrician and family doctor, who is also a divorced mother.

Disordered Eating

Understanding emotional and disordered eating behaviors and developing a healing plan for both the child and the family.

Identity and Social Media

Addressing common struggles adolescents face such as gender and sexual identity, self-esteem and bullying, social media, and gaming addiction.

Our children are vulnerable and our efforts for protecting them need a place to merge.
Connected we are stronger.
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It is in response to decades of work with wonderful dedicated people, many of whom expressed the same frustration I felt- namely that they had services to offer, to organizations they admired, but could not quit their day job to commit to the extended lengths of time required by many organizations.So I am building an “ on call” team: Rather than directly implementing projects, HELPERS facilitates action in existing projects by bringing experts in to help meet defined needs.  This means utilizing a volunteer's time and expertise to complete a task. The goal is cooperative efficiency accessing various skill sets. Propelling initiatives for sustainable results.