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Natalie Geary, MD, founder of vedaHEALTH and vedaPURE, practices integrative medicine for the whole family. Her practice is based on the recognition that there are many healing traditions, including western medicine, that contribute to a sustainable wellness practice. She draws on teachings from pediatric care, family healthcare, and Ayurvedic healing to develop a personalized plan to improve and sustain health.

Well-child checkups and sick childcare for newborns, infants, children, and adolescents.

Vaccines, school forms, and nutritional guidance.

Family healthcare, education and coaching integrating conventional medicine and Ayurveda.

Our approach to wellness encompasses the body, mind, and emotional aspects of your being.

Welcome to vedaHEALTH​!

Conventional Medicine strives to remove or suppress the signs of disease that are causing the patient’s suffering. Ayurvedic (East Indian) medicine strives to identify the symptoms of illness in the patient within the context of their lifestyle.

At vedaHEALTH, I address your health as a collection of critical and accessible pieces of your health puzzle that, when brought synergistically into balance, allow you to achieve optimum and sustainable wellness.

Sustainable wellness begins with a daily practice of consistent choice. It becomes a partnership between healthcare and integrated health maintenance practices

I attended Johns Hopkins Medical School to obtain an MD and also studied Ayurveda beginning at Harvard as a Medical Anthropology major. My work is based on a commitment to the integration of these two medical systems because I know that health and wellness are best served by the wisdom of Ayurveda and the science and the technology of Allopathic research.​



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