T.L.C. Teen Life Coalition

Adolescents, caught in the current “perfect storm” of social media, Covid and societal upheaval need the benefit of an intentional, informed, and mindful reboot.


Beginning in January 2023, small after-school groups of teens ages 11-17 can apply to join a pilot group of adolescents looking for solutions to the challenges they face. These groups will be limited to 12 teens per group and supported by a team of specialists: A Pediatrician, a DBT trained therapist, an artist in graphics, art and music, a social media communications/gaming expert, a high school teacher and a college student volunteer.

The goal is to explore the issues, to support one another, and generate solutions. So much of what is written about the current adolescent life crisis is written by specialists who have not asked adolescents what they care about, what they actually experience, what they think are the issues and what they consider acceptable solutions.

How it works


These groups will meet once a week to discuss real-time issues and participate in problem solving sessions. Thinking outside the “box” of parental limits or school policies exploring what it means to be present and engaged. Most importantly,  what communication and relationships with self and others really mean  to them.

At the end of 12 weeks, each group will create their own “Summary”, in any form of media chosen, to create a report for publication. The hope is that healing, change and coping strategies for the future will come from the source: the adolescents themselves.

For more information send an email subject line T.L.C to Dr. Natalie Geary at drnataliegeary@gmail.com