A Natural Skincare Line created by Dr. Geary

VedaPURE® is a natural skincare line inspired by ayurvedic wellness and created by Dr. Natalie Geary. We use 100% natural ingredients in our products, offering a holistic alternative that is free of chemicals, parabens, steroids, preservatives, animal and petroleum-based ingredients, and artificial dyes. We utilize herbal remedies to calm and soothe, paired with the highest standards of excellence in modern care to create natural and honestly pure products for the whole family.

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Simply natural. Honestly pure.

Dr. Natalie Geary is the Founder of vedaPURE™. She developed her skincare line privately for her pediatric patients seeking healthy solutions to their children's rashes, dry skin and allergic reactions. Her research revealed that the skincare readily available, or prescribed, contained steroids, harsh chemicals, and preservatives. 

Dr. Geary developed vedaBABY™ for babies and children suffering from sensitive skin, eczema and diaper rash. With the success of vedaBABY™, she expanded her line to include vedaMAMA™ skincare for pregnant women and nursing mothers to provide the same simply natural, honestly pure skincare safe to use during and after pregnancy. vedaRx™ is an extension of her natural products to include Ayurvedic based remedies for earaches, cradle cap, and congestion. vedaRX also has CBD infused tinctures and supplements for sleep and joint pain for adults. 

All the natural and organic products produce results without harming our environment. Through our small-batch processes, we provide exceptional natural and organic products made from sustainably sourced ingredients.


No chemicals

No parabens

No steroids

No animal-based or petroleum-based ingredients

No artificial dyes


Our Sustainability Commitment


The formulation process reflects Dr. Geary's sustainability commitment; the manufacturer maintains responsible sourcing, massive solar power array, and participates in UPS’s carbon neutral shipping program.

All ingredients are selected taking into consideration sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices. We never test on animals. Our manufacturer is a Leaping Bunny Certified facility and all our products meet Leaping Bunny standards.