The Morning Routine

Updated: May 1, 2020

Uncertainty: It can lead to disruption, discord and fear. Or it can offer possibilities. Right now, waking up in the time of coronavirus is waking up to uncertainty. A moment of anxiety: so much to do and yet nothing to be done. Hope and Fear. So it helps to set our intention, and harness the full power of intention to create the outcome you want. One simple way to set your intention for the day is to create a morning routine. The ritual, the knowing, the self-care that a morning routine brings allows us to to pause and acknowledge our possibilities.

A morning routine is a cornerstone of Ayurvedic practice. As Dr. Vasant Lad says, “[A morning routine is] absolutely necessary...Routine helps to establish balance in one's constitution. It also regularizes a person's biological clock, aids digestion, absorption and assimilation, and generates self-esteem, discipline, peace, happiness, and longevity.” (Dr. Lad)

The goal is to cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate the self. Every day. And to prevent feeling the burden of time, this list will ideally take 20 of your first morning minutes

1. Wake up at the same time every morning - with enough time (20 minutes) to commit to self care

  • preferably before sunrise!

2. Say a prayer of gratitude before leaving your bed

3. Rinse your face, mouth, and eyes with a cool water splash

  • gently massage eye with eyelids closed

4. Drink a full glass of room temperature water.

5. Oil Pulling: Swish your mouth with an organic oil

  • Dr. Geary recommends: ¼ sesame oil, ¼ coconut oil, ¼ peppermint oil, and ¼ spearmint (OR just half sesame and half coconut easiest and add peppermint/spearmint to flavor!)

  • directions: swish 2-3 teaspoons (15 mls) of the oil in the mouth. Continue for 5-8 minutes. Spit oil out, do not swallow. This “absorbs” and clears out bacteria build-up while promoting healthy gum and mouth tissues.

6. Tongue Scraping

  • use tongue scraper to pull oil off the tongue scraping from the very back of tongue to top, 5x. Then rinse with warm water.

  • if you choose not to scrape, simply rinse mouth after spitting.

7. Brush your teeth

8. Abhyanga - 15 minute Ayurvedic self-massage

  • this ancient practice has many benefits including restoring balance, reinforcing well-being, slowing heart rate, and increasing circulation

  • next week’s blog will describe the technique!

9. Pranayama & Meditation

  • take time to be with your breath and to still your mind

  • both breathing exercises and meditation practices to be explored in future blogs

10. Breakfast

Next week's blog will expand on the technique of self-massage known as Abhyanga.

Remember to establish this morning ritual as a daily dedication to your intentions, your gratitude for self and others, and your commitment to sustainable wellness.

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