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Dr. Natalie Geary's Story

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

It has been said that you can learn a lot about a person by the way that they treat those among us who are most vulnerable. With that said, it is imperative that we take care of the children of the world, for they are the future of civilization.

Dr. Natalie Geary is an experienced Pediatrician for over three decades in the field of wellness. She has a particular interest in Nutritional Health: the core of the world's health problems and the basis of Ayurvedic medicine. Dr. Geary began her studies in the field of medical anthropology at Harvard University. Medical anthropology is the study of human health and disease, within the context of culture. Dr. Geary's thesis research was on cultural determinants of health seeking behavior and the patient illness experience. She compared cancer patients in the New York City with those in Mumbai, India, and began her studies of Ayurveda.

Following the completion of her medical anthropology degree at Harvard University, Dr. Geary earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. From there, she went on to complete her residency at New York University’s Bellevue Hospital Center. Dr. Geary is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

After several years as a practicing pediatrician in New York City, Dr. Geary moved to New Mexico to work in a hospital-based clinic. Consistent with her commitment to public health and driven by the fact that New Mexico is one of the poorest states in America, she founded a nonprofit organization known as Mobile Pediatrics. She drove her mobile clinic to the small towns of northern New Mexico to screen children, provide vaccines and address their nutritional and developmental needs. Eventually, Natalie moved back to her hometown of New York, where she established a large private practice. Her work included travel on behalf of nonprofit organizations, to various areas throughout the world to care for children, including India, Indonesia and Malawi.

Natalie relocated to Miami to accept a position as Director of Executive Medicine at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine. She later also became the Director of International health and the CPT (Chief Patient Experience Officer). However, after serving as a senior level hospital administrator, she chose to return to direct patient care, and established vedaHEALTH.

In addition to her work as a Pediatrician, she established vedaPURE and developed the GOOD BAG™ For KIDS. vedaPURE is a simply natural, honestly pure line of skincare for babies, and pregnant and nursing mothers. GOOD BAG™ is an organic snack concept that provides a day's worth of carefully planned snacks, probiotics and fish oil. It also includes educational information on nutrition as well as fun surprises and activities for kids, all in one convenient bag. Dr. Geary operates under the belief that it should not be difficult to feed your kids healthy food while on the go and that nutrition should never be sacrificed for convenience.

Dr. Geary is the author of The Food Cure for Kids: A Nutritional Approach to Your Child's Wellness, which is a must-have resource for any parent who wants to learn how to manage chronic ear infections, bronchitis, stomach aches, skin rashes and fatigue in their children. The book shows parents how they can minimize such ailments and symptoms by making minor changes to their child’s nutrition that have a real and lasting impact.

Written along with Oz Garcia, PhD, The Food Cure for Kids gives a straightforward explanation of the critical difference between food allergies and food intolerance. The Food Cure explains how a nutritional imbalance can have a dramatic effect on a child’s health. Dr. Geary also co-authored the book, The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution, with Dr. Arthur Agatston, the creator of the South Beach Diet plan. The book works to demystify the effects of the difficult-to-digest protein in wheat and some other grains. Based on proven South Beach Diet eating principles, the book's phased Gluten Solution Program assists readers in determining their own levels of gluten sensitivity, helping them to lose weight and live healthier lives.

Dr. Geary's vedaHEALTH is dedicated to supporting sustainable wellness through integrative care, nutrition and lifestyle balance. Utilizing her extensive training and experience in medical anthropology, Ayurveda and medicine, Dr. Geary remains steadfast in her belief that health and wellness are commitments to both self and family that require a daily routine of self-care, gratitude and mindfulness. vedaHEALTH: Sustainable Wellness

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