Handwashing: Help for the Weary!

As we all know, hand washing has become an intrinsic and mandatory part of our daily lives in a way that most people have never experienced. 

Hand-washing is something we are doing now countless times a day with vigilant attention. As a doctor, I am used to the impact of frequent hand-washing: dry skin, redness, cracking, itching and pain. But now, with the added exposure to sanitizers, often replacing warm water and gentle soaps, all of our hands are feeling the effect. Sanitizers are particularly drying, especially multiple times a day. 

So, in an effort to reduce the effect of chemicals and repeated washing, we at vedaPURE are trying to help: whenever you order a single jar of moisturizing cream ( we suggest vedaMAMA Butter or vedaBABY Calm) we will give you a second jar for free.

So remember: keep washing your hands, do not touch your face, and rehydrate your hands with moisturizer frequently. Be safe!