Ghee is revered within Ayurvedic healing traditions as not only as a staple in the daily diet, but also, as a simple, safe and efficient cleanse.

Ghee is made by boiling unsalted butter to remove the milk solids, leaving a pure golden-colored oil. It is a “ clarified butter” that has a high flash point (485 degrees F), ideal for safe cooking (unlike olive oil). But Ghee is also used during a min-cleanse for oleation. Oleation is the process of ingesting oil in the morning. Over the course of the five day cleanse, the amount of ghee ingested increases.

How does it work: Butter, the raw material of ghee, is made up of fatty acids, most notably butyric acid. Intestinal flora naturally convert healthy fiber to butyric acid as well. Colon cells require butyric acid to support the intestinal wall and as the main source of energy for digestive function. Ghee ingestion simply supports the gut’s natural ghee production. Ingested ghee lines the intestinal tract, absorbing and binding fat-soluble toxins for metabolism and excretion.

Who has heard of a cleanse using fat?

Unlike typical juice cleanses or elimination diet cleanses, an oleation cleanse using ghee extracts the intestinal toxins gently, and stimulates fat metabolism. It is used in combination with a non-fat diet (kitchari) so that the body remains in a fat-metabolic state, encouraging WEIGHT LOSS.

Best to use in the morning to jump start fat metabolism and toxin chelation.

Day 1:

Add two tablespoons of pure ghee

Two cups of hot water (not boiling) and stir.

Do not eat anything for half an hour after ingestion.

Day 2:

Add three tablespoons of ghee

Day 3 and 4:

Add four tablespoons of ghee