Being Present: Focus on the Sensory Experience of Common Daily Activities

In an effort to reduce the anxiety induced by an uncertain future, efforts to stay present, and safe, can be soothing. Focusing our senses helps to settle the mind in the present activity. Next week's blog will look at the impact of breathing on our sense of wellbeing, but a quick reminder of how to make hand-washing, something we are doing now countless times a day with vigilant attention, a simple and soothing act to positively support our sense of calm.

Many times in the day we will be resorting to " wipes" and sanitizer, but in those times when you are coming home, with a moment to settle back in, take the extra time to wash your hands with gratitude.

As you begin to wash your hand, take a deep breath and attend to the feeling of the water running over your hands. Take note of not only the temperature of the water, but the consistency of the soap. Slowly rub your hands together, and wash in between each finger. As you do this, observe your breathing.

Please note that using warm water and soap is still recommended over sanitizers and antibacterial soaps, despite our fears. The CDC recommendation states that there is no evidence that anti-bacterial soap is superior to warm water and regular soap.

And remember to rehydrate your hands with moisturizer frequently: sanitizers are particularly drying. Try vedaPURE's BUTTER moisturizer for simply natural, honestly pure hydrating.

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