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Pediatric covid vaccine

Who is Advocating for Children During Covid?

The debate over the fate of a Pediatric Covid Vaccine.

(Information as of October 25, 2020)

ADhd & ayurveda

What are the alternatives to ADD/ADHD medication?

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sleeping like a baby

Sleep is probably one of the most discussed—and debated—aspects of child rearing. Expectant parents anticipate disaster in terms of their newborns’ sleep patterns and their own sleep deprivation. Dr. Geary answers the question, "how much sleep is the right amount?"


integrative pediatrics:

an interview

Dr. Geary discusses holistic pediatrics, vaccines, and other topics.


Returning to school: not a simple move

Our daily life has been profoundly altered by the Coronavirus pandemic. Our children are caught in the uncertainty and change. For many, the return to school has brought a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Consider these tips to help your children navigate some of the complicated emotions they may feel as they return to the classroom.