Parenting Teens

Adolescents transitioning to adulthood need time for reflection, unprompted encounters, and mindful, attentive interaction with their peers, mentors, and family. As a mother, Dr. Geary has both the wisdom and the empathy needed to support and guide parents in the ongoing and ever-changing challenges of raising adolescents.

Previous work with adolescents focused on external risks, binge-drinking, drunk driving, cigarette use, teen pregnancy, and early- age sexual activity. Statistically prevalent risks have been transformed- by technology, a pandemic and worldwide unrest. The new set of risks are internalized risks: i.e anxiety and depression, suicide, social isolation, eating disorders and gaming addictions. Adolescents need an intentional, informed and mindful reboot.

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There is an opportunity during this time to make a huge difference in the life of a young person because their brains are in a unique state of imbalance. Dr. Geary coaches and advises parents at every step in their communication, understanding, supporting and celebrating the adolescent on their journey.

Topics include

  • Gaming addictions 

  • Substance misuse 

  • Precocious/sexualized behaviors

  • Rebellion and School issues

  • Truancy, Runaways