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Nutritional Healing

Dr. Geary’s philosophy is that optimal health is attained by incorporating what both conventional and Ayurvedic health practices have to offer, in a partnership for sustainable wellness.


With Dr. Geary, create a nutritional health plan based on scientific medical evaluation and diagnostics combined with Ayurvedic–based digestive routines  for wellness. Achieve balance and well-being through a personalized program for attainable change: eliminate inflammation, yeast, and unwanted toxins, and create a diet for sustainable wellness and healthy weight.

Optimal Health Program


Combining superb medical diagnostic and treatment capabilities with Ayurvedic–based preventive wellness, this program establishes a new model for the delivery of balanced wellbeing.

Initial phone interview with Dr. Natalie Geary: Determine expectations and goals Pre-visit Intake by Phone: 60 minutes Comprehensive review of personal health issues, concerns and risks, diet and supplements, medicines and habits.

Comprehensive health history and physical exam: 75-min

Laboratory Testing as indicated

Synthesis and Action Plan: 60 minutes 

Review and summarize test results and recommendations

Review a personalized wellness exercise and body treatment program 

Referrals if needed to additional  practitioners( acupuncture, physical therapy etc) 

Result: a personalized plan for nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, and stress management. As your full wellness profile emerges, you become an empowered, lifelong participant in your own health care.

Extensive diagnostic testing, including:

  • Full lipid profile with assessment of Cholesterol and Triglycerides

  • Complete blood count, liver functions, kidney function, iron stores, thyroid function, Cardio C-reactive protein and homocysteine levels

  • PSA for men, 

  • Urine analysis including blood, protein and sugar

  • Diabetes testing

  • Hormone levels for all genders

  • Nutrition consultation focused on personal history and nutrition goals

  • Blood work to examine potential food sensitivities, vitamin levels, magnesium, zinc and other essential mineral levels, 

  • Well-being discussion to review lifestyle, behavioral and emotional tendencies, and assess the practical impact of these factors on overall wellness 

Detoxification & Herbal Cleanse Program


To achieve a balance in personal health and well-being through healthy nutrition that eliminates inflammation, yeast, and unwanted toxins, and allows the mind to become more clear, less vulnerable, more focused.

Initial one-hour consultation to design a personalized plan

Follow-up with 30 or 60-min sessions.