Mind-Body Balance

Dr. Geary draws on both conventional healthcare and Ayurveda, providing an advanced understanding of the connection between the mind and the body.

Stress Management and Lifestyle Modification


Examine areas that lead to potential disruption in your wellbeing and learn techniques and strategies and an action plan for attainable.

Towards a Joyful Life Program


Examine one or more aspects of your daily life that you feel needs attention. And learn to make small adjustments that build on one another to improve your overall sense of equanimity.


Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program


Ayurveda, is the 5000 year old east Indian healing tradition, constructs each of us as a unique constitution (dosha) with inherent tendencies which describes our prakriti. When life  presents each of us with unique events and  situations, the impact may  create a state of imbalance that is unique to each one of us, which is known as our vikruti. The rejuvenation program will educate you about your overall dosha and  state of harmony and address ways to manage your  vikruti to restore and sustain  balance.