Integrative Medicine

Combining Conventional Western Medicine and Ayurveda for Sustainable Wellness
Medical Examination
Integrative Health Consultation 
Ayurvedic Consultation
Dosha analysis
Nutritional analysis and guidance
Dosha based bodywork
Semi-private or private yoga classes

What is Integrative Medicine?​


At vedaHEALTH, we integrate conventional Western medicine with Ayurveda in order to offer healthcare solutions that allow the patient to benefit from a vast body of theory and experience. It is an expansive form of healthcare, inclusive not exclusive.  At vedaHEALTH, we incorporate both medical systems into the planning of care for each individual.

Health Coaching Programs with Dr. Geary 

Seasonal cleanses are a powerful way to detoxify your body and rejuvenate. Despite trendy offerings in health food stores and on line, true cleansing requires knowledgeable guidance and supervision from a medical professional

A personalized program to eliminate inflammation, yeast, and unwanted toxins through dietary adjustments, leading to sustainable wellness and healthy weight.

Create a health plan based on  medical evaluation and diagnostics combined with Ayurvedic–based preventive wellness

A detailed personal plan for prevention and health improvement that incorporates nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, stress, and sexual health. Includes  diagnostic blood work,

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