Identity, Self-Esteem and Social Media

It is important to understand adolescent identity development and be able to provide your child with a caring and accepting adult influence to ensure a seamless transition to adulthood.

Adolescents are growing up in a Culture of Comparison. It is already well established that social media use poses emotional, physical, and psychological harms to children. We are seeing disastrous impacts on attention, sleep, and healthy development. There has been a marked increase in depression, anxiety, suicide, sexualization, narcissism, access to pornography, loneliness, and cyberbullying. It is undeniable that the landscape of adolescent development has changed. Adolescent development requires, during the transition to adulthood, protected time for reflection, unprompted encounters, and mindful, attentive interaction with peers, mentors, and family.

Understand your adolescent


There is an opportunity during this time to make a huge difference in the life of a young person because their brains are in a unique state of imbalance.


Dr. Geary coaches and advises parents at every step in their communication, understanding, regulating and celebrating the adolescent on their journey.


Dr. Geary teaches active listening, which is a powerful tool to enhance your communication with your child. She will  help you understand adolescent development in the context of their daily life struggles and  how to empathize and develop coping strategies that lead to constructive results.

Topics include


  • Cliques and bullying

  • Gender and Sexual Identity counseling

  • Social Media and self-esteem 

  • Seeking Status Symbols