Advocacy and boots on the ground work must go hand in hand. It takes a team, and it takes a time commitment.
H+E+L+P+E+R=S: where efforts merge.
H+E+L+P+E+R=S is collaborative effort of professionals working to build a healthier, safer and more just planet by supporting partnerships committed to four aspects of Child and Family Welfare:

Gender Equality
Social Justice
Child Safety / Anti- Trafficking
and Health Equity




Like many dedicated folks, the extended time requirements of many organizations has made it hard to participate. At HELPERS, the goal is to create a dedicated roster of volunteers with particular interests and skills to work on a case-by-case basis- when they can, where they can- bringing their particular experience and passion to the task. A dedicated team on call- when a particular need arises, a team member is contacted. If that team member is unavailable, another colleague in the same area is contacted, and so it goes until the project is completed. This structure minimizes inefficiency and maximizes success.



HELPERS convenes experts dedicated to assisting organizations streamline, improve and implement solutions to the pressing challenges of child and family welfare. Existing organizations, often with limited resources in specific areas, can request HELPERS to review a project, with an analysis and assessment of the internal needs of their  organization. Once the needs of the organization are identified, HELPERS volunteers with the needed skill set are given defined tasks to accomplish.


Our Volunteers are a collaborative network of dedicated people working to build a healthier, safer and more just planet.

H= Healing: health practitioners and related caregivers 

E=  Empowering: Coaches, therapists, counselors

L=   Learning: teachers, educators, parents

P=   Protecting: law enforcement, legal advisors, lawyers

E=   Engaging:media and advertising, awareness builders

R=   Recovering: trained professionals in trauma care.


Volunteer your skills


Please help us by joining the roster of service volunteers.


Its very simple to sign up: Pick which box  (eg. 1A if you want to volunteer as a nurse) and volunteer your services for as little or as much time as you are available, once or often. Dr. Natalie Geary will contact you to discuss how you would like to help. You can always put more than one category too!