Pediatricians are often the first professionals in a child or adolescent’s life that can support a young person as they articulate their identity. As such, pediatricians need a concerted commitment to additional education on how to best support trans and non-binary children and their families and other support structures.

vedaHEALTH 2020

Beginning in January of 2021, Dr. Natalie Geary, and the vedaHEALTH team, will begin their commitment to recognizing aspects of collective medicine for trans and non-binary parents and transgender youth. We will begin with a conversation series that brings together youth, parents, and healers, and look forward to seeing how the work unfolds.

vedaHEALTH 2020

SELF-HELP: Shedding old self, personal optimization

SELF-ESTEEM: Judging self, evaluating self

SELF-RESPONSIBILITY: Awareness of self, owning self

SELF-COMPASSION: Embracing self, accepting self

SELF-CARE: Nourishing self, connecting self, cherishing self

Sustainable Wellness is a state of authentic balance in:


This is achieved by taking small, consistent steps towards attainable change.

A place where you are kind, free of judgement, as you proceed on the journey

A place where you share the common human experience as you reflect on your choices. 

A place where you listen to your body, attend to your thoughts and emotions, honor your spirirt.

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