Divorce Coaching

Deal with it, survive it, and move forward

Often, during a divorce, we temporarily lose the ability to optimally parent. Divorce Coaching can help you to dramatically reduce your children’s pain by making their well-being your top priority. And we ourselves can get lost in the chaos of paperwork, legal conflicts and difficult emotions (anger, depression and anxiety)

​Not only am I professionally trained in family health and wellbeing, I have also personally been through a long divorce. I can help you and your children through it.​​

How it works


We create an outline of the divorce strategy,  mapping out the timeline, obstacles and goals.  We review valuable information to help you navigate this difficult time.

We focus on you and we focus on your child(ren).

Your priorities are addressed and mapped out. And then I guide you with attainable steps to the finish line.

Topics Include


  • How to tell kids about divorce

  • Providing  stability through the divorce: The comfort of routines

  • Co-Parenting: Time-sharing and Parenting agreements

  • Coping with Parental alienation: strategies and communication

  • Considering a Guardian ad litem and/or family therapist

  • Protecting self: documentation, organization, texts and email edits, privacy issues with caregivers

  • Financial organization and strategies

  • Blending families/new partners

  • Extenuating/special circumstances: relocation, chronic illness