Pediatric Care

Well-child check-ups and sick care for infants, children, teenagers, and their families ​

Primary Pediatric Care

Newborn and Infant care 
Child and Adolescent care
Ayurvedic based family health care
Mind/body healing practices
School Forms
Camp Forms
Routine Screening tests (anemia, lead, etc.)
Nutritional Guidance
Food Issues
Food Allergy and Food Intolerances

Children & Teens

Pediatric physical exam
Hearing and vision tests
Development medicine
Allergy + Nutrition Counseling
Eating disorder counseling
School and Sports physicals
House calls
Ayurvedic wellness

Why Integrative Pediatrics?


Why Integrative Pediatrics? 


Dr. Geary’s approach to pediatric medicine is founded on the principle of prevention. Dr. Geary considers the whole child within the context of: family, school and social issues, nutrition, sleep, and development. The goal is to optimize the health of the child within the context of their unique family and culture.


Ayurveda is based on 5000 years of careful observation and analysis, and is rooted in nutrition and the health of the digestive system. This ancient healing practice provides a framework for prevention and sustainable wellness.


At vedaHEALTH, we integrate Pediatrics with Ayurveda in order to offer holistic family care. Nutrition, balance, and love are the pillars of sustainable wellness, and Dr. Geary would be honored to participate in the care of your family. 


Pregnant mothers & Neonatal Care

House calls and holistic wellness for the mother and the baby

Pregnancy & Postpartum
Preparing for your newborn
Holistic wellness for newborns
Newborn visits
House calls
Ayurvedic wellness
Infant Massage Coaching


Office Address & Hours


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Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm

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Appointment Scheduling

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Geary, view our SCHEDULING page and reserve an appointment, or call or text Dr. Geary at (786) 375-1515

In case of a medical emergency, dial 911

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